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IDRRMI & AMATI Webinar – Post-Brexit opportunities on business and dispute resolution

Jointly organised by the International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Insitute (IDRRMI) & Association of Mediation Assessors Trainers and Instructors (AMATI), the  "Post-Brexit opportunities on business and dispute resolution" was successfully launched on 24 August 2021 (Tuesday) at 17:00 hrs (Hong Kong Time).

Four distinguished panelists, Dr Andrew Goodman, Mr Robert Rhodes QC, Mr Michel Kallipetis QC, and Ms Selana Kong share valuable observations on the employment and economic change in the UK after Brexit. While many were reserved with the prospectus of the EU and UK's relationship and economy, our panelists believe it would create great opportunities for commerce and employment. Yet even the UK is still able to offer business to existing and new companies, high caution should be put on professional risk management and compliance control when entering this market.

Our speakers also illustrate that arbitration and mediation would play a much heavier role in the regime of dispute resolution after Brexit. The former is a developed instrument where the arbitrary award is recognised and enforced in the 169 signatory states, and the latter is the fast-growing and flexible mechanism being favoured by many in modern society, in particular the international commercial community. Hence a high demand for professional mediators, arbitrators, and advocates is to be expected. This creates opportunities for individuals with professional qualifications in the local and overseas market, as well as those who intend to develop a new professional career in dispute resolution professionals. Lastly, the speakers suggested enhancing professional training courses in these areas and strengthening collaborations between professional bodies would be hugely beneficial to the industry.

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A grateful appreciation to our guest speakers

  • Dr Andrew Goodman,
  • Mr Robert Rhodes QC,
  • Mr Michel Kallipetis QC (joint us with a prepared notes), and
  • Ms Selana Kong
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and moderator

  • Dr Francis Law
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Meanwhile, thank you to our supporting organisations

  • Academy of International Dispute Resolution and Professional Negotiation
  • Hong Kong Mediation Centre
  • Hong Kong International Mediation Centre
  • Hong Kong Centre of International Commercial Arbitration
  • Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Centre
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