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Hong Kong International Mediation Centre (HKIMC)

Hong Kong International Mediation Centre (HKIMC) serves to provide world-class professional international mediation services. Professional mediators of the HKIMC perform based on rigorous mediation rules and case management systems under the HKIMC support. They are abided by the provision of confidential, efficient, and professional mediation services. Together, they serve the goal to assist clients across geographies and cultures to find solutions to their disputes.

Professional international mediation services are provided by professional mediators on the list of professional international mediators of the International Dispute Resolution & Risk Management Institute ("IDRRMI"). The list is composed of professional mediations from more than 30 countries, who are both highly competent and well-known in the mediation field. Their service coverage is over 50 regions around the world. Clients can select the mediator, location for mediation at will, or they are assigned and arranged by our professional case managers.

HKIMC has a connection to more than 50 dispute resolution organisations around the world. Our dispute resolution mechanism allows settlement agreements to be executed in a wide range of locations, including the areas along the “Belt and Road”.

HKIMC Organization Chart

HKIMC committees

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Council Members and Committees

Committee Roles Members
Hong Kong International Mediation Centre Chairman - Dr. Francis Law Wai Hung
Intellectual Properties Mediation Committee Chairman - Dr. Alex Lau Shui Yin
Maritime and Logistics Mediation Committee Chairman - Mr. Edward Liu Yang
Corporate and Family Succession Mediation Committee Chairman - Ms. Guo Xuanling
Employment & Human Resource Mediation Committee Chairman - Mr. Jacky Law Chi Kei
Healthcare Mediation Committee Chairman - Dr. Alfred Chan Ho Man
E-Commerce and Online Mediation Committee Chairman - Dr. Guo Wenli
Family Mediation Committee Chairman - Ms. Zhong Zhifen
Banking and Finance Mediation Committee Chairman - Dr. Denise Cheung Pui Yee
Domain Name Mediation Committee Chairman - Prof. Steve K. Ngo
Building & Property Mediation Committee Chairman - Mr. Frankie Kwan Wai King
Construction Mediation Committee Chairman - Ms. Ma Jiuhung
Sports Mediation Committee Chairman Dr. Kuong Meng Wa
Performing Arts Profession International Mediation Committee Chairman - Ms. Shirley Loong 

Consultant - Mr. Tang Shu Wing

Consultant - Prof. Shen Shir Ming

Consultant - Mr. Frankie Tam