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International Accredited Professional Mediator


Any person who has completed the relevant mediator training certificate course, obtained the relevant Certificate and passed 2 simulated cases in the Accreditation Assessment will be eligible to apply to be an International Accredited Professional Mediator of IDRRMI.

Why do I have to become an International Accredited Professional Mediator (IAPM) of IDRRMI?

IDRRMI is equipped with a platform for the professional development of International Accredited Professional Mediator, providing a variety of Continuing Professional Development opportunities and platforms, including advanced professional training courses, talks, seminars, and mediation case referrals, helping them further develop the profession in mediation.

The IDRRMI recognises the professional training courses organised and co-organised by the Academy of International Dispute Resolution and Professional Negotiation, including the following courses:


Applicants must fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • Completed the International Professional Mediator Training Certificate Course organized or co-organized by Academy of International Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation or Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Centre, obtained the relevant certificate and passed twice in the International Professional Mediator Accreditation Assessment held by IDRRMI within 3 years upon the completion of the Course; or
  • Completed the mediator training courses organized by other organizations and accredited by IDRRMI, obtained the relevant certificate and passed twice in the International Professional Mediator Accreditation Assessment held by IDRRMI within 3 years upon the completion of the Course; or
  • Has become an accredited mediator of Hong Kong Mediation Centre or Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited, completed the Certificate Course on Training for Cross-border Mediator (Conversion Course) within the past year and obtained the Certificate of Completion

Professional Development of IAPM

The IDRRMI's International Professional Mediation is a 3-tiered (IAPM, IME & SIME) professional level to signify the experience and competence of our international mediators

International Accredited Professional Mediator (IAPM)

IAPM is the recognition of individuals who achieve the foundation skill and knowledge to practice meditation on the international platform. They are fully competent to provide good international mediation services to our clients. To strengthen IAPM's ability in international mediation practice, they are encouraged to enhance both practical experiences as well as professional knowledge. Some training centre provides professional mediation training sessions and courses that would be beneficial for IAPM in the journey of pursuing international professional mediation development (For AIDRN courses in Professional Mediation).

International Mediation Experts (IME)

IME have expertise in mediation, may it be handling different kinds of local and international disputes, participating in training and nurturing the new generation of mediators as a coach and publishing works related to mediation. They have an in-depth understanding about mediation, which enables them to provide the most professional and high-quality mediation services.

Senior International Mediation Experts (SIME)

SIME are the top-tier, most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field of international mediation. They are commonly world-recognised experts who not only conduct mediation services but also extensive experience in faciliting the development of mediation in different areas. They deliver the most advance and high-end mediation services.


IDRRMI's International Mediation Professional Panel List


You may refer to the chart belong for a clear understanding of the requirement in each international mediation profession tier.

2020-03-05 (11)

Application Method

Applicants must submit the application within 1 year upon the notification of the result of the second assessment or upon the completion of the Conversion Course for International Accredited Professional Mediator.

The application will be submitted to the Board of Directors of IDRRMI for approval. After successful application as an IAPM, mediators are required to attain requirements of the Continuing Professional Development Scheme in a given year so as to be eligible for maintaining their qualification as IDRRMI International Accredited Professional Mediators.

One-time Registration Fee ($500) is required to be registered on the Panel List of IDRRMI.

Application Fee RMB 400 (HKD 500)
International Accredited Professional Mediator Annual Fee RMB 700 (HKD 800)
Senior International Mediation Expert Annual Fee RMB 1800 (HKD 2,000)

Renewal of Qualifications

For the renewal of International Accredited Professional Mediator qualification, IAPMs are required to submit the renewal form, and the CPD Record Submission Form indicating the fulfilment of the qualification renewal requirements together with the annual fee on or before 31st December of that year.

Any persons who failed to renew their qualification by the designated date will be suspended unless and until further remedial actions are taken by the respective persons to the full satisfaction of IDRRMI.