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Certified Workplace Mediator


Certified Workplace Mediators are dispute resolution experts who focus on resolving disputes in daily lives and workplace. Having completed the relevant Course offered by Academy of International Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation (AIDRN) and finished registration at IDRRMI, they specialize in handling disputes arising in the workplace, providing services to corporations of all business natures. This is to establish a harmonious working environment, enhance overall performance of the enterprise and increase the efficiency and service quality of the staff.

Application Method

Applicants shall submit application to the Board of Directors of IDRRMI for approval within 1 year upon the notification of result of the accreditation assessment. To maintain professional quality of service and keep up with the most updated trends of dispute at workplace, after successful application, Certified Workplace Mediators (CWPMs) have to attain requirements of the Continuing Professional Development Scheme each year so as to be eligible for maintaining their qualification as IDRRMI Certified Workplace Mediators.

Application Fee HKD 500
Annual Fee HKD 500

Renewal of Qualification

For the renewal of Certified Workplace Mediators, all individual CWPMs are required to submit the Renewal Application Form, and the CPD Record Submission Form indicating the fulfilment of the qualification renewal requirements together with the annual fee on or before 31st December of that year. The current renewal requirement for CWPM is set at 5 CPD points each year.

Any CWPM unable to renew their qualification by the designated date will be temporarily suspended. If they want to resume their CWPM status, they would be required to perform other remedial actions to the satisfaction of IDRRMI.