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Hong Kong Adjudication Centre (HKAJDC)

Hong Kong Adjudication Centre (HKADJC) provides professional Adjudication services in accordance with the respective domestic and international legal rules applicable. It is committed to providing high-quality Adjudication for any form of commercial disputes in Hong Kong and the international contexts. It includes services such as the appointment of adjudicators, administrating the Adjudication Procedures, and monitoring the publication of the Adjudication decision by the appointed Adjudicators on the following types of disputes:

  • Construction Adjudication (for building and construction projects)
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Commercial Contract Adjudication
  • Special request from all parties for IDRRMI’s tailor-made Adjudication Services
  • Finance and Banking (to be launched at a later stage)
  • HKSAR Government supported or supervised Institutional Contractual Adjudication for building and construction projects in Hong Kong.
  • [Note 1: It includes the Statutory Adjudication as proposed by the Development Bureau for Security of Payment Legislation for Hong Kong to be launched or implemented in future.]
  • [Note 2: It includes the Contractual Adjudication as proposed by the Development Bureau for the “Spirit of Security of Payment for Hong Kong” to be launched later in 2021 tentatively.]


To be a premier Adjudication Centre in the world.

HKADJC committees

Org chart Eng
Council Members
Chairman Dr. Lam Wai Pan, Wilson
Vice-Chairman Mr. Li Kam Chuen
Consultant Prof. Dr. Chan Kan Ip, Philip
Consultant Dr. Yau Pak Man
Honorary Secretary Ms. Lo Kar Yin, Betty
Honorary Advisor Mr. Robert Gerrard 

Contact us

Tel︰          (852) 3622-2178
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