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Certified International Arbitrators


Any person who has completed the relevant arbitration training certificate course, obtained the relevant Certificate and passed the IDRRMI's Professional Arbitrator Qualification Assessment will be eligible to apply to be a Certified International Arbitrator (CIAB) of IDRRMI. There are two levels of arbitration practitioners in the IDRRMI structure.



According to their arbitration experience, Arbitrators at the IDRRMI are divided into two levels, I) Certified International Arbitrator, and ii) Senior Certified International Arbitrator.

- Certified International Arbitrator (CIAB)

The Certified International Arbitrator of the IDRRMI is a recognition for an individual who demonstrates good knowledge and integrity in being an arbitration practitioner.

Applicants to the Certified International Arbitrator (CIAB) of the IDRRMI must fulfil one of the following requirements:

  • Completed the Professional Arbitrator Training Certificate Course organized or co-organized by the Academy of International Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation (AIDRN), obtained the relevant certificate and passed the Professional Arbitrator Qualification Assessment held by IDRRMI within 3 years upon the completion of the Course; or
  • Completed a recognized arbitrator training course organized by other organizations and qualified by IDRRMI, obtained the relevant certificate and Professional Arbitrator Qualification Assessment held by IDRRMI within 3 years upon the completion of the Course.

- Senior Certified International Arbitrator (SCIAB)

The Senior Certified International Arbitrator is equipped with the most advanced experience in the arbitration field. SCIAB also shows significant commitment and contribution to this industry. He/She is an existing Certified International Arbitrator of the IDRRMI who has passed the Peer Review Panel for Senior Certified International Arbitrator. It is the highest level of professional recognition.

  • An existing Certified International Arbitrator of the IDRRMI with at least 3 years of arbitration experience; and
  • Passed the Board Interview for Senior Certified International Arbitrator.


Why do I have to become an Arbitrator of IDRRMI?

IDRRMI is a platform for world-class dispute resolution specialists, it is an excellent community for arbitrators to develop and expand their careers in arbitration and other dispute resolution mechanisms. It provides a variety opportunity of Continuing Professional Development and networking, including advanced professional training courses, talks, seminars and mediation case referrals. We serve to support professional development for our arbitrators.


IDRRMI's  Professional Arbitrator Panel List


You may refer to the chart below for a clearer understanding of the requirements in each arbitration professional tier.

Application Method

Applicants must submit the application within 1 year upon the notification of the result of the qualification assessment. The application will be submitted to the Board of Directors of IDRRMI for approval.

After successful application as Arbitrator of IDRRMI, members are required to attain the requirements of the Continuing Professional Development Scheme in a given year so as to be eligible for maintaining their qualification as IDRRMI Arbitrator.

A one-time Registration Fee (HK$500) is required to be registered on the Panel List of IDRRMI.

Annual Fee
Certified International Arbitrator (CIAB) HKD 1,500 (RMB 1,400)
Senior Certified International Arbitrator (SCIAB) HKD 3,000 (RMB 2,700)

Renewal of Qualifications

For the renewal of the Arbitrator of IDRRMI qualification, members are required to submit the renewal form, and the CPD Record Submission Form indicating the fulfilment of the qualification renewal requirements together with the annual fee on or before 31st December of that year.

Any persons who failed to renew their qualification by the designated date will be suspended unless and until further remedial actions are taken by the respective persons to the full satisfaction of IDRRMI.