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Membership Application & Fee

Application for membership

  • An applicant must file an application form for admission to the respective classes of Membership and categories of Membership.
  • All sections of the application form must be fully and accurately completed. An application form must be accompanied by payment of an appropriate fee where required (respective membership fee is listed below in the "Membership Fee" session).
  • All membership applications will be submitted to the International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Institute (IDRRMI) - "Institute" for approval. The decision of the Institute is final, conclusive and binding on all parties.
  • Applicants who are refused membership, or withdraw their applications, are entitled to a refund of the joining fee and annual fee if such fees have been paid. However, a non-refundable administrative fee will be charged for all applications.

Members MUST comply with the "Membership Rules" of IDRRMI

Membership Fee

(Effective on 30 March 2022)

Panel Members

  • Certified Risk Management Member (CRMM)
  • Certified International Risk Management Fellow (CIRMF)
  • Certified International Risk Management Consultant (CIRMC)
  • Certified Professional Commercial Mediator (CPCM)
  • International Accredited Professional Mediator (IAPM)
  • International Mediation Expert (IME)
  • Senior International Mediation Expert (SIME)
  • Certified Workplace Mediator (CWPM)
  • Certified Workplace Management Expert (CWPME)
  • Certified International Arbitrator (CIAB)
  • Senior Certified International Arbitrator (SCIAB)

Honorary Member

  • Honorary Fellow (FIDRRMI (Hon))

Panel Members 

One-time Registration Fee (HK$500) is required upon applying to be a member of the Panel Members

Service Category Membership Class Annual Fee
Risk Management CRMM HK$1,000
CIRMF HK$1,500
CIRMC HK$2,000
International Mediation IAPM HK$ 800
IME HK$1,200
SIME HK$2,000
Commercial Mediation CPCM HK$ 500
Workplace Mediation CWPM HK$500
CWPME HK$1,000
Arbitration CIAB HK$1,500
SCIAB HK$3,000

Honorary Members

  • Honorary Fellow (FIDRRMI (Hon))
Membership Class Registration Fee Annual Fee
FIDRRMI (Hon) Free HK$3,000

Should you have any queries about membership application or renewal of qualification, please feel free to contact IDRRMI Secretariat at (852) 3622-2178 or