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Hong Kong International Property Rights Protection Cloud Platform (HIPPP)

Why is Risk Management important?

Business of any size faces different kinds of unexpected events with the potential of impacting daily operations or causing catastrophic consequences to the business. These risks are usually the major reason for business uncertainty in an organization.
Components in risk management involve analyzing, understanding, identifying and resolving risks that might occur in business, operations, and many other industries. By identifying possible problems and setting management plans before disastrous events appear, businesses are able to save cost, time, and manpower and execute business decisions more confidentially.

If preventing risk is not possible, coping with the influence of risks and managing their damage would allow business owners to mitigate loss and protect the future of the business effectively.

Scope of IDRRMI Risk Management Services

Throughout the journey with the IDRRMI, our risk management specialists help your organization to explore the risk related to the organization's operations. They analyze risk from a multifactorial and integrated perspective and help organizations to deliver consistent, high-quality and sophisticated service. We support our client to achieve this by providing:

  • Consultation, Gap Analysis
  • Risk Assessment, Evaluation, and Identification reports
  • Technological Strategy
  • Risk management system framework design and implementation

Our Clients

IDRRMI serves a wide range of diverse, highly regulated and complex industries. We work with government departments, private companies, healthcare institutes, law firms, accounting firms, construction corporations, professional bodies, commerce chambers, charities, and universities. The extensive experience in servicing cross-sectors allows us to understand these vastly diverse industries share some similar operational core values:

  • they proactively gain better knowledge on understanding the risks that challenge the business operations.
  • they require professional benchmarks for standard comparison.
  • they value the importance of risk management arrangements for risk prevention and mitigation.
  • they understand the necessity of a global network with risk managers.


Part of risk management is to protect the property rights of your products - Hong Kong International Property Rights Protection Cloud Platform ("HIPPP")


Hong Kong International Property Rights Protection Cloud Platform「HIPPP」 Officially Launched

HIPPP - The first phase is officially launched

The platform is designed to register, certify and extend protection against intellectual property rights for artworks, cultural industries, and intangible cultural heritage so that in the event of future disputes, evidence can be collected through the platform, strengthen the function of intellectual property valuation and facilitate fair transactions, and provide one-stop cross-border dispute resolution services. The main target beneficiaries are cultural and creative industries partitioners, artists, artisans of intangible cultural heritage, entrepreneurs, intellectual property protection and legal services.

It also promotes the development of Hong Kong to be an international centre for cultural and artistic creation, a centre for the protection of intangible cultural heritage and a centre for intellectual property trading.

Phase 1 target: by the end of 2025

  • 1.20,000 cultural and artistic creations registered
  • 4,000 artists and Masters of intangible cultural heritage registered

Launching ceremony on 31 August 2023

Extend the protection of intellectual property


HIPPP - Property rights verification and registration procedures


Comprehensive protection


Registration Fee Schedule

Category Sub-category Fee
Culture, artistic creations and commodities First-two years registration fee for each item HK$4,000
Registration fee for each renewal of certification HK$4,000
International artists, Masters of Intangible Cultural Heritage authors and artisans Registration fee per person HK$3,000
Renewal fee per person HK$2,000

Consultation and Registration hotline

Tel:                        (852) 36222242


Email Address:

Address:                Room 506, 5/F, West wing, Justice Place,  11 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong