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Hong Kong Centre of International Commerce Arbitration (HKCICA)

The Hong Kong Centre of International Commercial Arbitration Centre (HKCICA) provides high-level professional international arbitration services. Our professional arbitrators provide arbitration based on HKCICA's strict arbitration rules and case management system, which are in accordance with the United Nation’s " New York Convention " and international legal rules. They aim to issue fair and just decisions.

HKCICA partners with more than 50 dispute resolution organisations worldwide. The enforceable application of arbitration awards issued by HKCICA covers a wide range of locations. It exceeded the signatories of the New York Convention, including the countries in the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Arbitration services at the HKCICA are provided by enlisted professional arbitrators of the International Dispute Resolution & Risk Management Institute ("IDRRMI"), who are senior professionals in the field of arbitration. Currently, our arbitrators come from 20 different countries, providing services in more than 50 regions around the world. Such large coverage allows clients to select both the arbitrator and location for arbitration according to their needs. They are also offered the flexibility to choose other dispute resolution solutions within the dispute resolution systems of IDRRMI.

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HKCICA committees

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Council Members and committees

Council Members Committee roles
Dr. Francis Law Wai Hung Chairman of Hong Kong Centre of International Commercial Arbitration
Dr. Rajesh Sharma Chairman of Intellectual Properties Arbitration Committee
Dr. Christopher To Wing Chairman of Construction Arbitration Committee
Dr. Tsoi Kei Nam Chairman of E-Commerce and Online Arbitration Committee
Dr. Colin Ong Chairman of Trading & Contract Arbitration Committee
Mr. Jeff Quan Zhaohui Chairman of International Taxation Arbitration Committee
Prof. Zhao Yun Chairman of Domain Name Arbitration Committee
Mr. Li Likun Chairman of Corporate Management Arbitration Committee
Mr. Jagmeet Singh Makkar Chairman of Maritime and Logistics Arbitration Committee
Mr. Ronald Kwan Ngai Sum Chairman of Sports Arbitration Committee
Dr. Lobo Fung Kwok Hung Chairman of Building and Property Arbitration Committee
Prof. Teng Hongqing Chairman of Virtual Wealth Management Arbitration Committee