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Know-how on Doing Business in Mainland China – Labour Law, Personal Income Tax Law and Insurance” (Webinar)

IDRRMI focuses on corporate management in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and is committed to promoting a harmonious relationship between companies and employees. Looking back on the past year, all walks of life were hit hard in the face of the pandemic of the century. Some Mainland and Hong Kong businessmen have also made contingency arrangements for employees who frequently travel to and from the Mainland. Some employees have been temporarily stationed in the Mainland or temporarily in Hong Kong, and some have even stayed without pay. Some factories in the mainland have arranged long-term shifts for workers due to lack of export orders. How does this affect the company and its employees? How do companies and employees solve labor disputes? In view of this, we sincerely invite Dr. Kwok Wai Fong Kitty, to share with professionals with extensive experience in managing Hong Kong companies in the Mainland on (1) China labor law; (2) Hong Kong residents in the Mainland Development of tax arrangements; (3) How to make good use of relevant insurances in China and Hong Kong to protect enterprises and employees; (4) Labor dispute prevention and resolution methods, etc. The course will share practical cases to help enterprises and individuals formulate more effective risk management systems.


Workshop Topic: Know-how on Doing Business in Mainland China – Labour Law, Personal Income Tax Law and Insurance” (Webinar)
Date: 27 Jan 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm
Speaker: Dr. Kwok Wai Fong, Kitty   International Accredited Professional Mediator&Coach of IDRRMI

Language: Cantonese (No simultaneous interpretation service provided)
Mode: Webinar (via the “GotoWebinar” platform”)

Please click the following link to register for the webinar:

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