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Chairman of the IDRRMI, Dr Francis Law, visited CIETAC/CMAC-HK

On 27th July, Dr. Francis Law, Chairman of the IDRRMI, Dr. Alfred Chan, Vice-chairman of the IDRRMI and Ms. Amy Wong, Honorary Secretary General visited the office of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Hong Kong Arbitration Center (“CIETAC”)/ China Maritime Arbitration Commission (“CMAC-HK”). During the meeting, a fruitful and comprehensive discussion was conducted. The representatives suggested facilitating the collaboration by holding more joint venue events such as training programmes, seminars and other activities to promote Hong Kong’s dispute resolution services and expertise both locally and internationally.

IDRRMI offers a variety of business solutions while CIETAC Hong Kong Arbitration Center /CMAC-HK – focuses on delivering arbitration service; both cultivate professionals with rich experience in the field. The visit serves as a bilateral cooperation initiative to secure inclusive growth of the dispute resolution industry by strengthening both organizations’ collaboration in the up-and-coming legal field.


From left to right:

- Dr. Alfred Chan (IDRRMI’s Vice-chairman)

- Dr. Wenying Wang (CIETAC-HK Arbitration Center’s Secretary General)

- Dr. Francis Law (IDRRMI’s Chairman)

- Ms. Amy Wong (IDRRMI’s Honorary Secretary General)

- Mr. Brad Wang (CIETAC-HK Arbitration Center’s Deputy Secretary General)