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The Key of an All-Round E-Commerce Platform for Retail

E-commerce transactions and business has been thriving over the past decade. It is undeniable that e-commerce is one of the most valuable and potential industries today and for many years to come. IDRRMI understands the importance of minimising business risks and securing need-to-know in this field is crucial to the success of an e-commerce business. IDRRMI fully supports The Institution of Shopping Centre Management (ISCM), one of our collaborators to share with the public and us this important topic.

ICSM is proud to invite Mr. Taurus Cheung. Co-founder of Appcider Limited, Mr. Char Kong, Founder of Cloudian International (Hong Kong), and Mr. Bon Chiu, Commercial Director of QFPay Haojin Fintech Limited, to present The Key of an All-Round E-Commerce Platform for Retail.

An e-commerce platform for retail business is more important today than ever before under the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, every website requires thorough planning and timely updates in content and functions to cooperate with the business development and enhance user experience.
What details should retail businesses pay attention to when choosing service providers to build and maintain an e-commerce platform while opening up new sources of customers? How to improve and make good use of various functions to facilitate old customers from online physical stores to online e-commerce platforms?

In this webinar, experienced e-commerce experts will share the thought and insight for
opening an e-commerce platform and how to avoid common mistakes to help you start
your digital business smoothly.
The topic of Discussion:
• The trend of mainland cross-border e-commerce
• Common misunderstanding and fallacy on mainland cross-border e-commerce
• Smart logistics solutions for e-commerce and online stores
• Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic


Organisor: The Institution of Shopping Centre Management (ISCM)
3 February 2021, Wednesday, 19:00 – 21:00
Registration fees - Free*
Application deadline - 2 February 2021
Register now at:

ISCM Secretariat Office
Tel: (852) 6225 5708/ (852) 3159 2907

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